What is Teflon and why has my clothing been coated in this fabric protector?

This fabric protector is a coating that provides protection to clothing and equipment against stains, mud and liquids, without impacting upon the ‘breathability’, performance, feel or look of the item.

Items that has been coated with this fabric protector will last much, much longer! In effect, any liquids on the items will bead up and roll off the fabric, whilst soil or mud, once dry, can simply be brushed off very easily without spoiling the fabric. Further, protection against liquid spills such as drinks is also provided and such spillages can easily be wiped away when blotted with a clean cloth. Basically, Teflon fabric protector is an invisible shield that repels water, liquids and soil from appropriate outdoor garments, items or equipment.

The Benefits of Teflon Coating

  • fabric dries quickly when wet
  • makes it easy to clean liquids and soil away
  • repels water by beading up liquids allowing it to roll off
  • makes the clothing and equipment more durable
  • gives long lasting protection from dust, soil and stains

Applicable for what type of apparels

Any type of fabric which desire fabric protections.